Companies trying to change the world.

Companies trying to change the world should always dig deep and learn how to be themselves. Companies can build their own skills to build their value. Doing so can build a team of professionals with the same goal in mind.

The founder and CEO of Nike is running a company that is changing the world. “Phil Knight is a legend. He’s the one that turned Nike into a global brand-owned and endorsed by famous athletes." (Lewis, 2016)

This allowed Nike to invest into innovations in multiple areas, as sportsball will always be their goal. One of these areas is applied science. Nike has a fast growing research and development unit. It's called the Innovation Kitchen. This specific department is placing a lot of focus on new materials that absorb sweat, making them lighter and more comfortable more quickly. Mixed fabrics with polymers might provide the flexibility that will allow Nike to continue to change its design thanks to great scientists like Gentry Humphrey who has been in charge of Innovation Kitchen since 2011.

Nike sometimes steals the show not only through its products, but also via its branding and marketing. They know how important it is to activate the right lifestyle among consumers. A great example is an advertisement campaign they run with LeBron James. He played with the Cleveland Cavaliers and was of course drafted by Lebron James publicists as the guy that could sell anything. Lebron James was able to transform a shoe company into a fashion brand. He gave basketball players and athletes a different range of self-expression than what you were able to find with more casual sneakers before. Lebron James changed everything possible about a brand like Nike: from logo to people that wear their products (for men it had to be certain types of highly trained athletes with street credibility). (Barker, K., 2017)

LeBron James had more than 20 years of practicing basketball until he got his place on Nike center stage. It had taken him a long time to get Cleveland Cavaliers fans to come home and watch his next game on television. No basketball star before had ever sat down to think about his life as this one did for his 30-second branded TV ad. So he made sure that he understood the audience he was targeting when he made that spot known to the world. He never planned on being a branch of sports or an athlete that just sold products for companies, but instead a leader that wanted to bring an entire culture under one unit, which would make him have influence over the rest of the NBA players and their fans. At first, celebrities didn’t no how to play their role when working with him, but all eventually bought into the fact that having someone who can bring so many to watch their games was far more valuable than any previous contract any other player or celebrity could offer Nike. (Fernandez, 2014)

Google is a company that is changing or tried to do so in some way through artificial intelligence technology they developed known as DeepMind (Hof & Maxfield, 2017). This company has created software that drives robots or algorithmic computers that have learned how play games like the Atari Breakout video game. These games were made for humans, not computers, so computers are programmed to play video games inaccurately; for example, it takes them twice as long as humans because they think about things twice as much as humans do as well.

And then there's Elon Musk, who created Tesla Motors Inc., which is automaker based in Silicon Valley that designs, develops, manufactures and sells luxury electric cars (Lovett). The intentions of this company are to create awesome cars that run fast and smooth also environmentally friendly because electric cars aren’t good for the environment because they power electric cars by burning fossil fuels (Lovett). Constructing these cars with solar technology he claims that he could supply power from sunshines (Luxury cars, 2015).

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