Our Robot

We develop trading robots that research for you on the basis of past market experiences and of traders' current emotions. We scrape different financial websites in order to work with the most recent data.

Our Plans

General Bull

The General Bull is designed for individuals interested in acquiring a variety of assets. It's beginner-friendly and provides the opportunity to branch out into numerous asset classes concurrently. We've assembled an array of asset classes into one product because we believe in having a crypto asset with a stable price that serves as an effective safeguard against inflation.

Why should you choose the General Bull?

You shouldn't look towards the Bull if you're seeking immediate returns. Instead, view it as a store of value with characteristics of deflation.

Crypto Bull

The Crypto Bull is designed for enthusiasts aiming to allocate resources to the top 10 cryptocurrencies. This option has grown to be our most sought-after product. The vastness of the cryptocurrency market is well-known to everyone. Names such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin bring the promise of significant returns for their holders, but historical trends show many have faced considerable losses due to the market's high volatility.

Why should you choose the Crypto Bull?

The most significant advantage of the Crypto Bull lies in its ability to shield you from the intense volatility of the cryptocurrency market. It accomplishes this by spreading out the cryptocurrency holdings, hence mitigating potential risks.

Ecological Bull

The ecological Bull is compromized of environmental friendly high-yield green bonds and Dow Jones STOXX Sustainability Index.

Why should you choose the Ecological Bull?

The Ecological Bull presents a robust alternative to conventional financial engagements that overlook environmental matters.

Our Robot is made out of

  • All transactions from the biggest crypto currencies
  • Historical Data from the past decades
  • Live Tweets & News Articles
  • Long short-term memory
  • Large language models
  • NVIDIA H100 Hopper GPU
  • Cloud computing

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